I want to thank the organizers of the recent Pepperell anti-pipeline walk. They have logged countless hours since January to coordinate the efforts across 29 towns throughout the state affected by this potential natural-gas pipeline Northern Expansion Project proposed by Kinder Morgan.

I know they have worked tirelessly to take care of the many important details involved with such a large undertaking.

Russ Schott and Paula Terrasi have been the leaders in Pepperell. Russ has worked statewide with Mary King, Lindsey Sunberg and Julia Blyth to orchestrate the events for a seamless transition town to town, passing the pipeline baton chock-full of petitions delivered to the Statehouse.

Many Pepperell residents have stepped up for the cause, relentlessly working to inform the public and our legislators. In addition to Paula and Russ, they are: Ken Hartlage and Siri Stomsted of Nashoba Conservation Trust, Vince & Denene Premus, Gerry Couper, Margaret Scarsdale, Win and Pauline Duke and many others. Also I want to extend a grateful thank you to the Pepperell Fire Department for the safety squad on the river and the Police Department for traffic control.

Coordinators in our surrounding towns also deserve recognition: Emily Norton and Leslie Gabrilska of Townsend, Marion Stoddart, Diane and Richard Hewitt, Nick Miller, Mimi and Paul Matisse of Groton. All who have contributed to this important cause are too numerous to mention.


Thanks also to Lawrence Academy for the loan of canoes for the Nashua River crossing.

And finally "a shout-out" to all of the 80 walkers who sacrificed their time to march and chant along the 5-mile route on a very hot day. Your energy and positive attitude was impressive!

With this intense collaboration of the efforts of many caring citizens, we all hope to stop this egregious, excessive, unnecessary pipeline expansion that far exceeds the energy needs of New England.

Jeanne Nevard