Maura Healey is a Democrat running for the position of attorney general.

She has had a lot of experience actually in the attorney general's office, as she worked there for the past seven years. She is an amazing woman who possesses impeccable qualifications for the job.

One of the many reasons I support Maura for the position of attorney general is her opposition to the Tennessee Gas Pipeline. Maura is firmly opposed to the pipeline because of the damage it will cause to communities and families, as well as its environmental implications.

She believes that to implement any sort of pipeline, we need a transparent process that will evaluate energy needs, protect ratepayers, explore alternative solutions and respect landowners and conservation land.

As a Pepperell resident, I am concerned that the pipeline will be extremely detrimental to my family and my neighbors if created. Its environmental impact is not known, and we should not wait until after the pipeline is in place to find out the extent of the impact.

It is important to have an attorney general who will fight to protect the people of Pepperell against Kinder Morgan and its pipeline.

Ryan Kangas