It's truly a shame that the Townsend Times could not bother to be factually accurate in its editorial of July 11 regarding the current discord at the Conservation Commission ("Bad Practice").

Approximately nine months ago, one of the commissioners did indeed offer to resign for, among other reasons, an inability to commit adequate time to the commission because of changes to work obligations. Some commission members urged her to not resign, but take a leave of absence until the work situation stabilized. In late spring, she was able to reduce her hours (despite a significant decrease in salary) so that she could fulfill her obligation to both parties without sacrificing quality of work for either and was specifically asked to return to her duties.

This timing could be readily verified by independent and unbiased sources if the Townsend Times had bothered to conduct even a minimal investigation before opining. While the timing may have the appearance of impropriety related to the vote, it was coincidence, and a rather inconvenient one for this commissioner.

As I'm sure the Townsend Times will be responsible enough to report in future editions, she has indeed returned as a full and active member. The situation on the commission is indeed a mess, but the Townsend Times should get its facts correct and not libel innocent individuals.

Stephen Kmiotek, Ph.D., PE