It's rhododendron time at Groton Place!

The public is invited to stroll the beautiful pathway that was planted by the Dumaine family many years ago.

Rhododendron maximum, a native species, is blooming along the full length of the Rhododendron Trail. Blooms range from ground level to 15 feet high.

Groton Place is conveniently located on Long Hill Road/Route 225 in Groton, just east of the Nashua River. Enter at the main gate, cross over the 1928 bridge and dam, and continue straight, keeping the Groton Hunt Memorial on your right.

As you enter the woods, keep to the right. Continue on this trail for 15 minutes and you will come out along the Nashua River. Keep to the right, and you can loop back to your starting point. Along the way, you will pass the circular memorial to Frederick Dumaine and his horse, Rooney.

If you bring your dog, please keep it on a leash between your car and the first field. The dog must be under your control at all times. Also, please use a "mutt-mitt" from the dispenser to help keep the area pleasant for others. Three trash barrels are provided to dispose of the mutt-mitts.

Come to Groton Place -- a local site we can be proud of! It is open from dawn to dusk every day of the year. New England Forestry Foundation, owner of the property, encourages respectful public visits. Maintenance of the property is funded by contributions.

The 54-acre Groton Place was given by the Trustees of the Frederick Dumaine Trust in 1975.


Rick Muehlke

property manager

New England Forestry Foundation`