Once again I have to write to compliment the students from North Middlesex Regional High School, representing the towns of Ashby, Pepperell and Townsend.

They hold a cancer "Relay For Life" every year, which consists of a supper for survivors and caretakers in April. Also, an overnight event in May, which consists of many teams in tents, no matter what the weather, with someone from each team being on the track all night long, another supper as well as a special recognition walk for the survivors and caretakers.

These suppers are supplied by the student committee and their families as well as some businesses and are wonderful.

The hours and hours spent by these teens in planning, advertising, mailing out invitations as well as the actual events is unbelievable. On top of that, they manage to raise thousands of dollars for this worthy cause and keep up with their studies, sports, music and part-time jobs.

The smiles, fun, laughter, hugs and love poured out to us can't be measured. I can only try to say thank you. They and their families, schools and churches are to be congratulated.

So much is publicized about teens who get in trouble. Let's hear it for these extra-special young people.

Bea Heisler