We are so fortunate to live in a community where we can pick or buy locally grown strawberries and buy freshly made ice cream.

These products will be showcased on Sunday, June 22, from 2-4 p.m. when the Hollis Women's Club and the Hollis Town Band holds the much-anticipated Strawberry Festival on the Hollis town green.

The ice cream for those delicious strawberry shortcakes is provided by Doc Davis's, located in Pepperell. Rosemary and Bill Graves have owned the business since 1978. Their son Phil gets up at 4 a.m. to make the ice cream, because he has a full-time job to go to. Rosemary says she cannot remember a time when they have not supplied the creamy ice cream for the Strawberry Festival. The Graves family is looking forward to attending the festival, as they do every June.

Now how about those sweet, succulent strawberries? Both Brookdale and Lull Farms of Hollis provide those for our festival.

Frank and Eleanor Whitmore own Brookdale Farm. Frank says that he plants new strawberry plants every year and that a strawberry plant typically lasts three to four years. The summer months are labor intensive at Brookdale, so they employ hardworking men from Jamaica to help them out. These men usually stay in Hollis for two to six months.

Lull farm has employed Jamaicans since 1980. Many of these men and women have a farming background since Jamaica is one of the most fertile of the Caribbean Islands.


David Orde is the owner of Lull Farm. Tamson Rodon, the marketing and promotions coordinator for Lull, said they plant various varieties of strawberries. Each has its own unique growing season.

We hope to have a sunny day for the Strawberry Festival, but if we don't, come by the Hollis Brookline Middle School.

Hollis Women's Club

Hollis Town Band

Hollis, N.H.