For the average college student, college is a time to meet new friends, escape parental guidance, have the most fun possible, and somehow fit classes in between.

This wasn't the case for me, a Groton student studying building construction technologies at UMass Amherst. I have greater goals for my junior year at college and am willing to take my drive for success and run with it.

I was presented with the internship opportunity of a lifetime: To run my own business through a company called College Works Painting. I went through a very comprehensive and selective interview process. In the end, I got the job, joining the 10 percent of applicants that were accepted.

During the spring, I have been coming home to Groton each weekend that I wasn't busy on the lacrosse field, marketing and doing estimates for homeowners interested in having their houses painted this summer.

School is out now, and the internship has become a full-time job. I have been hiring my own marketing team, conducting sales and marketing, and managing client relations.

Being able to manage my academics, this internship, and a Division 1 sport have taught me to use my time extremely efficiently. The transition into this summer's production period has been successful and enjoyable for both myself and my customers.

College Works Painting is an interior and exterior painting company that prides itself on its 97 percent customer service satisfaction and its "A+" rating given by the Better Business Bureau.


The company is fully licensed, bonded, insured and EPA lead-certified.

Homeowners working with College Works Painting get the security and benefits of a large company while still being able to have a personal home painting experience. The way I do my estimates provides the homeowner with a more detailed and customized estimate allowing specific needs to be addressed.

Shifting my competitive work ethic from the athletic field to my own business has been an awesome experience. I did this internship as a way to set myself apart from others, experience-wise and on my resume. I wanted to be able to improve some of my weaknesses like communication and time management skills, as well as improve on some of my strengths.

I have always been very involved in community service because I love working with and helping people, but I have no idea what I want as a career. Although I'm not planning on pursuing a career with this company, I am still looking for the experience of running my own business.

Anyone interested in more information about a free painting estimate or looking for potential employment as a marketer for my business, can contact me at 978-302-1971 or by email at

Kyle Karaska