I am a member of Troop 26 in Pepperell and am working on an Eagle Scout service project to benefit the students of Nissitissit Middle School.

As a NMS graduate, I wanted to give back to the school's biology and life sciences program. Through this service project, I hope to expand the classroom to the outdoors by clearing overgrown nature trails and marking new ones, planting fruit trees and rebuilding and repairing old bird and bat houses for use by the teachers and students of the science program.

Local Scouts have begun work on the trails, and, after 75-plus hours of volunteer work, we are moving toward phase two of the project, which involves the construction of a trail kiosk, as well as the purchase of new trees and bird and bat house kits. These improvements will help teach students the value of wildlife preservation and the conservation of various ecosystems that exist within New England. This part of the project will be the most costly, and approximately $2,000 is needed to fund the remainder of the project.

I would like to thank the members of the Nissitissit Middle School PTSG for their generous contribution, which helped to kickstart my efforts on the project. At this time, I would be grateful for any additional financial support that would enable me to complete this Eagle Service Project to benefit our local middle-school science program.

I invite you to visit my website: http://www.

youcaring.com/other/nissitissit-middle-school-eagle-project/181412 and would be grateful for your support. In appreciation, I will be recognizing interested contributors by placing their names on the kiosk marking the entrance to the trail.

Thank you so much for your time, interest and support.

Austin Adams

Life Scout

Troop 26 Pepperell