With our municipal offices (Town Hall) closed on Fridays, I traveled instead to the town's website to try and renew my transfer station stickers. Imagine my delight in finding that it took less than three minutes to satisfactorily complete a secure transaction. My new stickers are in the mail.

It is worth highlighting the key attributes of these two online transactions (earlier this year I also renewed my burn permit via the town website.

1. The convenience of these transactions cannot be overstated ... and I am still in the relative dark ages of using only a desktop PC!

2. Municipal offices were closed and I could still complete my transaction. Doubtless users of mobile devices would amplify the convenience factor yet further.

3. I was able to quickly print a receipt of the transaction and received an automatic verification via email seconds later.

4. The three minutes spent online renewing the stickers compares very favorably to the alternative of a 10-minute drive each way plus time spent doing the paperwork and writing out a check at the counter. All in all, the online process likely saved me close to 25 minutes.

5. Online processing avoided yet another trip in my CO-emitting vehicle.

Kudos to all who contributed to embracing today's technology for tomorrow's efficiency.

Keith Cheveralls