It was with great surprise that we learned of the resignation of Robert Whalen of the Pool and Golf Center. After all of his attempts to revive the Pool and Golf Center, you would think he would stick around and see if it works.

I first met him two or three Town Meetings ago, when I asked if the Pool and Golf Center was finally turning a profit. He was honest and stated the center tends to run a $30,000 deficit per year.

Is Mr. Whalen seeing the handwriting on the wall in regard to the center? Time will tell. Personally, we think the country club would make a great community center for young and old alike, given that it has a pool and tennis courts, etc. The question arises: What would then happen to the senior center as it now exists?

Good luck to Mr. Whalen in whatever he attempts to do!

Robert Stephens

Taxpayers Alliance

West Groton