An election is coming up very soon for an possible override. However, please, please think long and hard about what you are voting for, and whether this town can afford it.

Every year each town department complains it wants more money. Every year, parents are convinced that a bigger and better school will be best for their children, better playgrounds, better this, more of that.

We could possibly go from a very self-sufficient town, with students who get into good colleges, to another bedroom town where people feel entitled to everything, and the whole character of the town will change.

Now, add the possible cost of the pipeline in a few years. Just think about the ramifications, over one's personal needs, and we are talking one costly place to live, with potential loss of house values, land attraction and local beauty.

I am just asking that each of you think for the future. This budget war goes on every year. But now we have an added unknown cost.

Thank you all for thinking!

Nancy Fox