Elections are a time when residents determine how our town is managed. By force of vote, we are able to notify incumbents of a job well done or to signal a time for change by tapping a new resident to rise to the rank of legislator.

This year, as a group of citizens, we voted in large numbers for the debt-exclusion and almost unanimously for the school budget at Town Meeting. With the Dunstable Town Meeting having just approved their override request for inclusion on the ballot in their upcoming town election, the stage is set both for closing the chapter on the budget crisis and for opening a new chapter on rehabilitation of the school district.

We feel it is crucial that voters choose a candidate who is committed to not merely maintaining the status quo of the state of education in our school district. Rising class sizes, slashed programs and reduced staff have served only to weaken our school system with subjective polls on school ranking over the last few years confirming this tumble.

Of the candidates for the Board of Selectmen in this year's election, we approve of the strong stance Barry Pease has taken on improving our schools. Although we understand that there are many factors in choosing a selectman, advocating for our schools is surely a critical one.

Please choose carefully in this year's election on May 20; our schools depend on it.

Brian DiGiovanni and Amy Kelly

co-chairs, APEX