I join a long list of people who are enthusiastically supporting Jeff Kubick as a candidate for Groton Dunstable School Committee. Each time I hear him speak, I am even more impressed by Jeff. Here is why I am certain that he is the strongest candidate for the open school committee seat.

Jeff is eager to continue to work hard in service to our community and he is committed to shaping a clear vision and being a part of seeking excellence in our public schools moving forward. In exploring his decision to run, Jeff made an effort to talk to current school committee members. He attended town meetings, the meetings of other boards and committees and he and became a central and founding member of APEX, a forward thinking group of highly invested parents and community members. Jeff brings a strong background in business management and he is firmly committed to examining issues and initiatives broadly and carefully. As a member of the school committee, he is determined to put policies and procedures in place to assure that all dollars are accounted for and spent optimally to assure the very best education for every child in our district.

Jeff has three young children in the school system and he has been an eager volunteer in the schools. His thoughtful leadership, commitment and careful process have also been apparent in his place of employment and in his church. As an elected member of the Groton Dunstable School Committee, Jeff is determined to assure that decisions are made with full and complete information.


He also believes that the best decisions result from an open, fair hearing of all voices in a search for consensus without being afraid to advocate for a particular course. These are clear strengths that he will bring to the committee.

I am sure that Jeff will bring thoughtful leadership, vision and collaboration as a member of the school committee. We need this kind of leader on the Groton Dunstable School Committee, especially now.

Please join me in supporting Jeff Kubick for Groton Dunstable School Committee.

Pat Hartvigsen