On behalf of the Charter Commission, I would like to thank you for your vote to adopt the provisions of the Home Rule Charter at the recent Annual Town Election. This was a three-year effort that involved obtaining over 1,300 signatures followed by two years of intense deliberations that at times would test friendships and working relationships. Through the hard efforts of the commission members, we were able to reach a majority consensus that culminated in an outstanding document making our local government more efficient, transparent and accountable to the residents of Pepperell.

The commission would also like to thank the department heads and our town administrator for their countless hours and contribution to this effort. The feedback we received from our local officials was invaluable and a check-and-balance for the commission to ensure we addressed the existing operational challenges while not going too far with the consolidation of authority.

The commission also appreciates the efforts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Revenue for working with the Board of Selectmen, department heads and others in providing an extremely valuable consultant report that assisted the commission with designing the final administrative organizational structure. The staff from the DOR was professional and endeavored to understand the unique needs of our town.


More than one approach is available to a town when adopting a charter, but I am certain the process we just completed, one that required all major decisions to be decided at the ballot, ensured that at the end of the day, this binding governance document represents the wishes of a majority of the voting residents of the town of Pepperell. Thank you once again for your support!

Joseph A. Sergi


Charter Commission