Tuesday, May 20, we all have the opportunity to voice our opinion by voting at our local polling place. There are a number of important election contests this year that cannot be ignored. Please take the time to vote.

In the race for Water Commissioner, I am throwing my support behind Josh Degen. I have observed Josh when he was a member of the Planning Board and then as a selectman. He is not shy when it comes to issues and brings fresh, intuitive ideas or, on the flip side, reasons why a project or proposal will not work in the best interests of the town and its citizens. He serves on many committees as well. He is tireless and totally committed to his community work.

The qualities that Josh Degen brings to the table are intelligence, total grasp of the facts, common sense and, most importantly, integrity and honesty. How many politicians can you say have these qualities today?

Josh will apply the same methodology to the Water Commission that he has to his other responsibilities in town. There are several issues facing the Groton Water Commission that need to be addressed. Josh will bring that commonsensical approach to these issues. I believe he will look at each issue carefully, analyze the facts and costs and make the decisions that are in the best interest for the community. It is very difficult to find people to volunteer for positions in town, but when we are lucky enough to have one of his caliber, we should be thankful.


No matter who you vote for, this is where you can make a difference. Please plan to vote on May 20 and keep in mind the attributes of Josh Degen for Water Commissioner.

Alex Woodle