It has been a couple of years now since the Ayer Town Government Study Committee reported to us what we already knew all too well: Ayer town government isn't working as well as it used to. Town Meeting, the Board of Selectmen and the voters of Ayer have had an opportunity to weigh in on the recommendations of the committee. At town election, on Monday, April 28, our town gets to reap the rewards of this democratic process.

We decided to make a dramatic change to the Board of Selectmen. The number of seats on the Board of Selectmen has been reduced from five to three. We get to elect the entire Board of Selectmen on Monday, April 28, in one trip to the polls. How awesome is that? This unique opportunity may never occur again.

We also decided not to make a change. The Town Government Study Committee recommended that the positions of town clerk and town tax collector be appointed, rather than elected. Town Meeting declined to take the vote away from the people, and rightly so. On the ballot on Monday, the voters will have an opportunity to make some much needed change in the office of town clerk and town collector. We don't need to give our vote away in order to make Town Government better.

Please vote at Ayer Town Hall on Monday, April 28.

Jeremy Callahan