I have known Debra's family since she was a little girl. She puts everyone in her personal and professional life first, is extremely bright, detail oriented, has 11 years of municipal experience and is one of the most motivated people I have ever known.

Debra, in my opinion, is the candidate seeking this position for all of the right reasons, and that is to serve our community. She has always been an honest and hard-working individual, coupled with her expertise, I know she will always go above and beyond in all of the aspects of this position with the dedication she has demonstrated throughout her career. One of her many attributes is she is definitely a team player.

Some of the important skills that I feel have not been discussed is the level of job experience she has acquired during her 24 years of full-time employment.

* Has developed databases.

* Very knowledgeable regarding municipal union contract knowledge, union grievances and, of course, how to resolve the issues.

* Superb skills with administrating, management, updating and maintaining record-keeping, both public and confidential, which will bring precise flow to this important position.

* Has worked with numerous audit companies.

* Thrives on any challenge which comes about in a professional manner.

Recently a new database has been implemented in our Town Hall, which will give her a huge advantage as she has worked for over 10 years on this very same database.


I have found that her personality is so infectious that anyone who might be upset will come away from the town clerk's office feeling absolutely wonderful, which is so crucial to that position. Her work ethic has been inspirational to anyone who comes in contact with her. And she will serve the public in the best possible way.

Many of you know that I speak the truth and have always stood up for the right thing for the town of Pepperell. This is why I am asking you to vote for Debra Durno on April 28 as I truly believe that Debra will serve the public with such a strong devotion, hard work and will prove that you have made the right decision.


Thank you for your support.

Judy Dalton