My name is Susan Curtin Copeland and I am seeking election for the positions of Town Clerk and Tax Collector for the town of Ayer.

I am qualified because I have attended and received training from the state for both offices. I have learned from well established, certified municipal employees that have shared their knowledge and guidance with me and endorse my candidacy with confidence and pride. I offer a change in the leadership without having to start from zero.

* Currently, I am the Finance Assistant for the town of Harvard.

* My primary responsibilities are for the Treasurer/Collector, Town Clerk and Finance Director.

* Worked with the Board of Assessors to update the data base to properly show current and accurate property values and any land exemptions awarded to residents.

* Experience with municipality software -- Munis.

I have always worked in customer service and feel that both positions are an important form of customer service that is paid for by the residents in order to maintain the compliance and confidence in town.

The residents of Ayer deserve a Town Clerk and Tax Collector who is a reliable provider of information, a provider of quality services to the community and its residents, and a leader who can work cooperatively and in concert with all departments, boards and committees while complying with state and local statutes.

In addition to my proven professional skills, I proudly bring essential personal experiences and real-world skills that truly enhance my professional capabilities:

* As the youngest of six children, I was raised to have respect and consideration for others.


I learned the importance of working and accomplishing tasks with multiple people and opinions.

* As a full-time working mother of three children and as a military wife, the ability to meet quick deadlines while redirecting my attention in a moment's notice is an everyday demand. Time management and multi-tasking are essential skills.

I love this town and I am a successful product of Ayer. I have reaped the benefits, rewards and generosity of countless people and services. I would welcome the opportunity to start to repay and give back the best way I am able to. I hope my running for the offices of Town Clerk and Tax Collector will register among my peers as a sign that we need to do more for our town.

My name is Susan Curtin Copeland and it would be my honor to be the Town Clerk and Tax Collector for the town of Ayer, Massachusetts. Thank you and I would appreciate your vote on Monday, April 28.