The last thing the public wants to hear is an opinion from a former selectman but as a long-time public servant I am compelled to remind the town of Ayer that retaining the services of Selectwoman Jannice Livingston and Selectman Gary Luca is in the best interest of the town of Ayer.

The skill sets Jannice and Gary bring to the table are needed in the myriad responsibilities of a selectman.

I was honored to serve with Jannice and Gary and witnessed firsthand their insight, compassion and forward thinking that was required to maintain top quality safety programs in Fire, Police and Public Works as well as financial strength through solid financial decisions.

Critical thinking is required in the decision-making process of a selectman and the credentials of experience through military service, business acumen and strong leadership are the strengths that the people Ayer need in their chief executives.

We look forward to seeing a huge voter turnout this election cycle and when you limit your selectmen to three, you need to select the very best the town has to offer.

I submit that Selectwoman Jannice Livingston and Selectman Gary Luca are two of the very best.

Jim and Ann Fay