I am writing to recommend Jennifer C. Hardy for Pepperell Town Clerk.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer for several years after I first hired her for a business development representative position. Jennifer had great organizational skills and was a hard worker with a strong desire to succeed. These attributes allowed her to quickly adapt to a promotion to program director. This new role required Jennifer to oversee the production of more than 20 business development representatives. She was also tasked with training employees on specific marketing campaigns while tracking the progress of the campaign and responding to any compliance issues with employees. She was able to handle any and all tasks assigned to her in a timely, intelligent and professional manner.

Jennifer was entrusted with reporting the progress of our marketing campaigns to our clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. She handled all weekly updates in a clear and concise manner and represented our company with the highest integrity and professionalism.

I often turned to Jennifer to set up databases and customer relationship management tools, ranging from Microsoft Excel, Salesforce.com, Goldmine, Zoho, Dynamics and others. She quickly learned the tools, developed best practices and trained the reps. This proved to be an invaluable asset to our organization. She was able to determine how to pull reports and record information so that our clients were able to clearly and easily track the progress of our work.


Throughout her tenure with my company I was always impressed with Jennifer's ability to adapt to any new situation or challenge that was presented to her. She displayed tremendous professionalism when dealing with our clients and employees, and her ability to quickly learn any new technology was unsurpassed. I am certain that Jennifer will quickly adapt to the new role of Town Clerk if elected. She is intelligent, professional and very qualified for this position.

Please elect Jennifer C. Hardy for Pepperell Town Clerk on April 28.

Don Fitzgerald, CEO

Benefits To Marketing, Inc.

4 Railroad St.