As the former town clerk for 24 years in this town, I fully know what this job entails. I am confident that Debra Durno is qualified to fulfill this position.

Deb has been training since mid-January under current Town Clerk Jeff Sauer. On her own time she has been studying Mass General Laws that pertain to the town clerk's office, among other clerk responsibilities. Deb has also spent a great deal of time obtaining as many resources as possible for the town clerk position, which is so key to success.

Deb has taken steps further by contacting numerous other city and town clerks in the state of Massachusetts. Through those phone calls, she has not only impressed state town clerks but also has begun to develop relationships with other town clerks that have offered any assistance as needed. Several of them have told Deb they are hoping they see her name in May on the clerk listing as they have seen the passion she has to serve our community. Deb will always go above and beyond with anything she does as this clearly shows.

Recently, the Town Hall implemented a new software system that numerous employees use. This system Deb has over 10 years experience with. She has offered her assistance to several employees at Town Hall and knows she can be an asset with this. That shows how Deb feels about collaborating with staff at Town Hall.


Her background with computers, numerous software systems, execution of proposals, building permits, taking minutes for confidential executive sessions, accuracy regarding analytical and statistical data, constant dealing with deadlines, assistance in reduction of financial budget shortfalls, 10-plus years municipal experience, managerial skills, assistance with grants and customer service relations are a few of the skills Deb can bring to our community as town clerk and there are many more. Administratively, she has extensive experience.

In her career, her endearment of assisting people in any way possible has been the rewarding part of any job and is exceedingly important as town clerk. Deb is the person who will serve us all with her smile, obtain all she needs for success, reach out to all necessary resources and most importantly, serve this community in the utmost professional, honest, respectful way.

She is committed to demonstrating this with your vote. She feels this position is a position of honor and so much more than just a job. She is more than capable of serving this community, She is a lifelong resident who will be a tremendous asset to all current residents, town departments and new residents.

Deb has the exceptionally outgoing personality and very strong morals that will prove beneficial to the town clerk position.

Your vote on April 28 is a vote of confidence. It means a lot!

Lois Libby