As Ayer citizens, we can no longer ignore the poor job done by our town clerk. This note outlines the egregious behaviors of John Canney that have been documented by area newspapers. Please consider these when you vote on April 28.

Breach of contract. Ayer Public Spirit, March 7, 2014

"Bolduc Enterprises, the town's deputy collector that retrieves motor-vehicle excise taxes, claims that Tax Collector John Canney breached the service contract when he terminated Bolduc's services for better services with another competitor. Contract breaches are not covered by town insurance. ...the amount in damages could be six figures."

Failure to post sex offender bylaw. Sentinel & Enterprise, Aug. 23, 2010

"In a Feb. 21 letter to Ayer Town Clerk John Canney, the Attorney General's Office notified the town that the bylaw passed basic legal muster and that, to take effect, the bylaw needed to be posted in five public places in town.

"The neglect of the town clerk has seriously jeopardized the safety of this community and the officers of the police department," wrote Murray. "We now have a behemoth of a Level 3 offender with violent and unpredictable tendencies living at 6 Whitcomb Ave."

Mismanagement of employee workload, Ayer Public Spirit, April 4, 2014

"In a letter to Town Administrator Robert Pontbriand, Assistant Town Clerk Lauri Fritz argued that her duties are increasing, but her pay is not.


" OR is this because Canney is not pulling his weight and improperly managing the workload?

Fight over hanging meeting notices. Lowell Sun, September 22, 2010

"Town clerks time-stamp meeting notices for town boards or commissions, then, generally, hang the notice on the official town meeting board. But the newly elected Canney, a lawyer ... says it's not the clerk's job to hang the meeting notices. ... Canney and Assistant Town Clerk have stopped hanging the notices."

Carolyn McCreary, former selectman

Kevin and Dana Bresnahan

Carole Tillis

Susan Tordella

Bob Williams