As a current member of the Harvard Parks and Recreation Commission, I feel uniquely qualified to address the upcoming election when 3 open seats will be voted on.

One seat is currently occupied by Steve Gordon. He is running for re-election to the only open 1 year position. As an incumbent member of the commission, Steve is well aware of the level of commitment required and diversity of projects/issues/programs the commission supports throughout the year.

The other 2 openings are for 3 year positions -- that translates into 36 months, 72 Park and Rec meetings, and 156 weeks of workload to be supported. The commission meets twice a month but the real work gets done in between the meetings. Each meeting agenda covers typically 10-12 topics that range from the Beach Boat Lottery to the renovation of the stone wall along Mass Ave. We are dealing with our response to the Town Master Plan, the restoration of the WWI monument on the common, and the Fiscal Budgeting Process. We are working to upgrade the swing sets at the beach and at Harvard Park. We are working with other boards in town to support some significant events in town -- the Lyon's Club Triathlon, ASCE Concrete Canoe Race on BHP, a Civil War Encampment on the Common, an Easter Egg Hunt by the Harvard Parents Association and the Harvard Conservation Trust Run for the Hills.

I take the time to list all these things to give you some context to the real purpose behind my letter to the editor.


The work of this commission is REAL WORK. There is no room for passive participation -- we need committed residents who know what these positions mean. There is no room for personal agendas -- we have too much work to do.

Anne McWaters knows what this position means to her personal life and yet, even as a mother of 2 small children, she is running for re-election. She represents a key demographical segment of this town -- parents of young children. She is someone this commission needs to continue the work we do. She is someone who knows what this position requires, someone who is already working every week to get things done, someone who has no agenda -- she just cares about the town of Harvard.

Please cast your vote for Anne and Steve for re-election to the Park and Recreation Commission. The town deserves the kind of demonstrated understanding and commitment they both will continue to bring to the work we do -- 52 weeks a year.

Thanks for listening.

Pat Nelson

Harvard Parks and

Recreation Commission