Well, it's that time of year AGAIN when the town comes asking voters for money to balance their budgets.

I'm writing this as a longtime Pepperell resident, graduate of NMRHS, and parent of children in the school system. I don't know about other residents in this town, but I wish I could go to my employer every time I cannot balance my budget.

Wasn't it just last year we voted for an override to keep the library and senior center open? Now, the powers that be want another Proposition 2 1/2 override. Guess what may be cut without the override again: services of the library and the senior center. Didn't we take care of that last override?

Now they're also saying that they may cut the summer playground program, Memorial Day parade, layoffs in the Police Department and reduction of town hall hours. An override isn't a fix -- it's just a band-aid to the current town budget issues.

Then there's the new high-school project. There are two schools in the district basically empty. Am I the only one that asks why?

The Finance Committee is asking the residents to again balance the town budget. When is enough enough? What good is an override and a new high school going to be when residents can no longer pay their taxes -- when we are forced to sell our homes and move out of our town?