Dog owners, spring is here, snow is melting, and the remains of pet outings are all over the trailheads and walking areas. Yes, please be aware of this.

I am a trail monitor and have walked or snowshoed daily (all winter) with my two dogs, no matter what the weather. I drive to the trailhead and have seen, two weeks ago, 10 piles right where people park.

I asked myself why. Just bring anything plastic and pick it up. I am sure you do not let your dogs poop inside your house.

Also, on the trails, clean it up. This is where all people walk, not just dog owners. Those people with little children do not want them going home with your dog remnants on their feet.

So please use respect for others and be a responsible animal owner.

I have friends who watch while dog people stroll onto their property, let the dog do his business and then leave, to go back to their own property. I can only ask myself why.

Thank you all for your consideration.

Nancy K. Fox