Coloradans may have a reputation for passing unusual ballot measures, but we'd be shocked if they bought into an idea from the California-based group Kids Against Divorce.

The group is proposing a Colorado Marriage Education Act that would require 10 hours of prenuptial counseling — and at the couple's expense. It's a thoroughly bad idea that should be renamed the Marriage and Family Therapist Full Employment Act.

The founder of Kids Against Divorce, David Schel, writes that children are “the ones who suffer the most” when a marriage ends, and that is undoubtedly true in many cases. Couples with kids who are considering divorce should keep that uppermost in mind.

But the idea that 10 hours of mandatory counseling before marriage is likely to move the needle on America's divorce rate is highly speculative — and the counseling itself is an intrusion into a personal decision that most people already take quite seriously.

For that matter, some couples already go through prenuptial training, usually religion-based. But it's their choice, and it should stay that way.