Dear Girl Scouts Troop 60053 (Ashley, Jill, Sam, Abby, Kate and Lexi),

The Ayer Parks Department would like to formally thank Girl Scouts Troop 60053 for their efforts over the summer to help beautify Pirone Park by removing graffiti within the playground structure.

This was a daunting project due to both the size of the playground and its pressure-treated wood composition, but they were able to do some research, formulate a plan and stick to it until the job was complete.

Their work was well received by the public and we are very grateful for what they were able to accomplish.

We are especially proud to see young women like this group taking so much initiative to give to their community, something we hope will spark others to follow their lead.

Thank you again for choosing to help us as part of your Silver Award project, and we wish you well in your next endeavor!