Thanks to everyone who volunteered and who attended the fifth annual Recycle Your Reusables Day on Oct. 19. Almost 200 cars from 21 towns dropped off recyclables. Here's a selection of what we diverted from the landfills.

* Two 25-foot trucks full of household goods for the Lowell Wish Project and the Salvation Army.

* 750 pounds of textiles for Bay State Textiles.

* 1,500 pounds of paper was shredded.

* 200 pounds of Styrofoam.

* 3.8 tons of electronics.

* 30 bicycles.

* 29 pairs of skis.

* 400 books.

* 250 pounds of rechargeable and nonrechargeable batteries.

* 13 boxes of used athletic shoes.

* 20 boxes of art supplies for local teachers.

* a ton of plastic.

* hundreds of tennis balls for service dogs in training.

* a vanful of nonrecyclable plastic bags.

* hundreds of greeting cards, wine corks, eyeglasses, soaps and shampoos.

In addition, we collected more than $1,800 worth of food and cash donations for Loaves & Fishes.

I would like to thank numerous volunteers and other supporters, without whom the event would not have happened:

* Rich McGrath from the ASMS.

* Our vendors: the Salvation Army, the Lowell Wish Project, All-American Recycling, More than Words, ReFoamIt, Highland Shredding, Casella, Nike Reuse a Shoe, Bay State Textiles, Lou's Upcycles, Boston Building Resources, Extras for Creative Reuse, Friends of Pepperell Recreation, NEADS, No Nonsense, ReCork, Battery Solutions, Rechargeable Battery Recycling Coalition and St Jude's Ranch for Children.


* ASMS Green Team.

* Ayer Dunkin' Donuts.

* ASHS National Honor Society students.

* Boy Scout Troop 1 from West Groton.

* Volunteers from local towns:

From Ayer: Kim Krieser, Shawna Graham, Dan DeMille, Martha and Bill Dean, Linda Garant, Beth Suedmeyer, Faith Salter, Ruth Maxant, Laura Wool, Andy Poutry, Jean Diemert, Ryan Martone and Nicholas Martone.

From Shirley: Dawn McCall, Nancy Askin, Pam Torres, Dan Torres.

From Groton: Paul Brown.

Next year's event is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 18, 9 a.m. TO 2 p.m., Ayer Shirley Middle School. For more information, or to volunteer contact or 978 496 5839.

Thank you again!


Ayer Recycling Committee