I am disappointed that none of the people who voted against the debt-exclusion article for providing additional funds to renovate Harvard Town Hall rose to present their case.

Did they feel that the proposal was still inadequately funded? Did they feel that the competitive bidding process failed to produce the lowest possible bid? Did they think that Town Hall just needs a little fixing up and not a major overhaul? Did they think the proposal is too ambitious? Did they think that $3.9 million ought to be adequate?

We'll never know.

Town Meeting works best when citizens share their opinions and their expertise. If anyone knows how to carry out the proposed renovations with the already-approved funding, I would dearly like to hear their reasoning. Even if people are just frustrated and tired of the issue, we need to hear that.

I encourage the Harvard Board of Selectmen to pause, reflect and put forth a plan that each member supports. They should not expect the town to provide broad support for any plan that each of them cannot also support.