At Special Town Meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 16, we will be asked to approve an additional amount of $1,100,000 for the Town Hall expansion and renovation project.

Add in the already authorized amount of $3,900,000, plus debt repayments totaling $1,000,000, and we would be looking at an eye-popping total cost for the project of $6,000,000.

As former members of the Municipal Building Committee and construction/development professionals, we believe that the final construction design and delayed bid process has resulted in excessive bids from contractors, both filed-sub and general. The cost of this project as proposed far exceeds the value of the improvement and should be rejected.

Voting NO to the request for an additional $1,100,000 does not stop the Town Hall project. Instead, there must be further investigation to find an affordable solution. We believe that there are more cost effective ways to meet the needs of the town. As taxpayers, we are owed that much.