If you believe Farmer's Almanac prediction of a very cold and snowy winter, there is some evidence to back up their claim tucked away in a little corner of Groton.

In a lovely sitting area in the rear of Groton Commons on Willowdale Road there is, or rather was, a long swing with a canopy, the seat covered with a cushion.

I could not believe what was unfolding before my eyes last week. I watched a very determined squirrel rip open a large section of the seat and begin extracting large pieces of cotton insulation, as much as he could carry, then scurry at a frenzied pace to a nearby tree.

I watched him build his condo bit by bit, and when I thought I'd seen everything, the piece de resistance, the finishing touch; he tore a large section of the waterproof cover, scurried up the tree and placed it on his new condo.

I believe this fellow has a Master's Degree in Engineering from MIT. What does this architect know that we don't?