Open letter to ajmastrangelo8@gmail

I saw the letter in today's (Sept. 13) paper about how your compost bins were stolen and I was sorry to hear it. As the chair of the Ayer Recycling Committee, I've been selling compost bins to local residents of Ayer, Shirley and numerous other towns for several years. I've donated some to other local schools and I would be happy to donate two bins to the Middle School's Green Team. They look like

I would also like to let you know that the 5th annual Recycle Your Reusables is taking place at your school on Saturday, October 19 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and we would love your help to volunteer at the event. We have lots of jobs that students can do and it would be interesting for you to observe what goes on and the variety of materials that are recycled that day. I'm attaching a poster and hope that you'll print and/or forward it widely.

I had an initial conversation with Mrs. Lyon about running a clothing drive competition that you could make some money from. The way it would work is that either classes/grades/groups (we could decide) would compete against each to bring in the largest amount of clothing the week or two preceding the recycling day. It would be weighed by the vendor who is collecting clothing and the winning class/grade/group would get a certain amount of money. I realize I'm being a little vague but the details can be worked out easily.


So, let me know if you would like some compost bins, if you're interested in volunteering on Oct. 19 (I really hope so!) and if you'd like to help coordinate the clothing drive. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Ayer Recycling Committee

Editor's note to Laurie: Thank you, Laurie. Thanks to you, this letter should help to bring home to AJ the warm and cooperative community in which he lives. Hopefully, it will offset some of his disappointment over the bins theft.