Open letter to Ayer Town Administrator Robert Pontbriand,

Hi Robert:

This is a complaint and a request.

As you know, during my brief period of serving the Ayer Planning Board, one of my proudest accomplishments was to have the meeting minutes published to the town of Ayer website on a regular basis. This was an extremely difficult endeavor. But I'm proud it worked out. I'm sorry to see the Planning Board has not followed through since my departure.

I visited the ZBA page on the town website, and they have no meeting minutes posted since 2008!!! What in the world is going on here? I pay my taxes. Why can I not view ZBA and PB minutes, up to date, on the web?

There is no reason, in my mind, why meeting minutes should not be published to the town website within two months of the meeting.

You folks serve the people of the town of Ayer and you need to get your act together. We need information. You fail at providing it to us.

Get your act together.