Am I missing something here?

I thought we were -- all of us -- supposed to be encouraging young people to turn off their devices and get out and exercise.

I thought we were supposed to be showing by example how satisfying, healthy and enjoyable old-fashioned exercise and fresh air still are.

The Bare Hill Pond Rowing Club has done an indisputably magnificent job of upholding the stated values of our own Park and Recreation Commission.

Something's very wrong with this picture and it is not the twisted concept that we have somehow succeeded in getting an excess number of Harvard, Boxboro and Acton teenagers onto our beautiful pond in boats sweating and, yes, sometimes even shouting with joy.

If administrative details of the club's rowing program -- and, sometimes, the manners of our rowers, their demands for space on the town beach and in the pond, and the timing of their practices -- need to be fine-tuned in consideration of their neighbors, then let's hope that the well-intentioned, open-minded gracious people involved can work those details out.

John Lee's generous and very lengthy service to the citizens of this town is notable, appreciated, nearly beyond compare, and now over.