The completion of the last storm water collection/treatment system at Harvard Town Beach this year concludes a very productive 10-year collaboration between the town of Harvard DEP and the EPA.

During this period, the Bare Hill Pond Watershed Management Committee, with support from the Conservation Commission and Park & Rec, has leveraged $779,950 in s.319 grants to implement Bare Hill Pond Watershed restoration projects, totaling more than $1.5 million in cost, and more than $2 million in value.

As a result of this joint investment in a drawdown pumping station and comprehensive network of storm water collection/treatment systems, we have systematically reduced the invasive weeds and in-lake phosphorus pollution from excessive to less harmful and even acceptable levels.

We are very appreciative of the support of our elected leadership in funding this program and would be delighted if you could join us at the celebration on Thursday, Aug. 8, at 2 p.m. (the end of Pond Road).

In our view, this program represents the best of public/private partnerships to improve our watershed.



Bare Hill Pond Watershed Management Committee