If you are a Pepperell ex-town official who is building a house in a conservation protected wetland area, own two Pepperell businesses, have not abided in more than two plus years by conservation rules, regulations, orders of conditions, etc., ignored town fire burning ordinances numerous times (fires still burning and not extinguished by permitted time and fires left burning unattended for two days) and now want special permission to horizontal drill under a conservation wetland protected area where there are endangered species (only five Massachusetts's habitats are home to the confirmed endangered species), you are a lucky town resident!

The Pepperell Conservation Committee will consider rewarding you for your bad behavior and will consider giving you special permission for horizontal drilling in a conservation wetland protected area.

For other Pepperell town residents, a precedence has now been set. You, too, may be able to do what you want in your conservation-protected wetland area with no consequences for blatant disregard of rules, regulations, orders, etc. that govern and protect this type of delicate area.

Plus, what are the consequences for ignoring town fire burning ordinances?

Do what you want first, ask for forgiveness later and claim ignorance!