An amazing thing happened at the 4th of July parade in Pepperell this year. On a day that was too hot to move, Pepperell residents lugged cans of food, boxes of cereal and pasta, jars of peanut butter and juice boxes to the parade -- and donated them to PACH and their neighbors.

We can't thank you enough.

PACH also wants to thank Ray Kane, Tyler Libonate, Matt Desrosiers and Jess Schmuck from North Middlesex Regional High School; PACH volunteers Judy Neuman, Donna Morel, Susan Casserly, Tony Dolph and Clara Couture, who donated their time on Saturday to march with PACH; and Mallory Stover for creating a great donation box.

Many thanks to the 4th of July Committee for helping to promote the food drive and collect food donations and Donelan's for its continuing support of PACH and the donation of five shopping carts for the parade.

Neighbors helping neighbors is what makes Pepperell such a great community.