The first annual Bare Hill Triathlon is now history, and it was a great day for the more than 350 who challenged themselves to experience the personal satisfaction of participating and crossing the finish line!

The near-perfect Harvard venue, the challenging and scenic courses, the safety protocols and organization we had in place and the overall uplifting ambiance of the event further contributed to a positive experience for all.

In every respect, this first-year event exceeded our expectations. From the very start of planning, we received enthusiastic support from the town selectmen, Park & Rec, Harvard Police and other town organizations.

We then had no less than some 70 area businesses step up to be a sponsor through a cash donation or merchandise/gift certificates. We especially want to thank Whitney Lane Farms, Basnett Plumbing, KoKo Fit Club and Reddy Family Dental for their generous support.

The big surprise, even to our experienced racing partner, was the large number of participants we attracted in our first year, both from Harvard as well as from many towns far and wide, including neighboring states. Harvard is, indeed, a real attraction ... and this event served to showcase our special town even more.

We were especially pleased and appreciative of the number of Harvard residents who took up the challenge. Some did the entire triathlon themselves while others entered as relay teams. The latter provided an option for all competitors to participate and do well.


As with all Harvard Lions fundraising events, 100 percent of our proceeds go to helping those who cannot help themselves, including local families going through difficult times. For this event, we're specifically targeting a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Dylan Connelly family; Dylan is the young father of three in town who is suffering from inoperable brain cancer.

The Lions motto is "WE SERVE," and we consider it a privilege and opportunity that we can put on an event such as this to assist those in need.

Thank you, Harvard, for your continuing support in all that we do to enable us to carry out our mission!


co-chairs, Bare Hill Triathlon

Harvard Lions Club