I would like to respond to the article and the vote by the Groton-Dunstable School Committee regarding the district's jazz band and chorus being denied the opportunity to go to Italy to perform.

All the reasons why the School Committee approved the trip to Costa Rica, Spain and France, are EXACTLY the reasons the trip to Italy should have been approved and I strongly suggest reopening the discussion. All of these trips will further the experience of our students, expanding their perspective of the cultures they visit and providing an opportunity for them to be ambassadors of Groton-Dunstable. To exclude the music department trip is a disservice to the students.

There are several points Ms. Lathrop made that I believe are inaccurate. First, the comment was made that there is a danger of changing from educational experiences to unpaid touring. For those students who are going to go on and study music, of which there are several graduating in 2014 who would be part of this trip, this is an invaluable experience to understand different cultures, venues and the educational experience of what is involved; the planning, the logistics, the different aspects of creating a musical event that will be appreciated by all who attend.

Next, as for the students who attended the Olympics, it was comprised mostly of seniors from 2012 and juniors, the graduating class of 2013. The statement that many of them would likely be involved is inaccurate.


Those students have had a wonderful experience performing at the Olympics. There is effectively a new group that could benefit from a similar experience but not under such a large affair as the Olympics.

Finally, the cost. As Mr. Giger stated, this should be left to the parents. You approved the other trip at similar costs and participation in those trips is up to the families, whether it is something they want their child to experience.

Ms. Lathrop, I urge to you to reopen the discussions on this matter as the argument you made against the music students not having the experience could be made for any of the trips you approved. Please reconsider the fact that you are preventing this educational experience for these students.


A proud music student parent