I don't know why the Townsend Highway Department insists on tearing up road surface weeks or months before the resurfacing will take place, but that apparently has become the standard operating procedure.

Just as was done with the intersection of North End Road at Route 13, Wallace Hill Road has been left for weeks now without a paved surface. The potholes are enormous and growing with every passing day and every passing rainstorm.

There is no sign of Highway Department equipment or preparations to begin resurfacing. Drivers are resorting to taking routes through the maze of hazards by driving all over the road, often crossing into the opposite lane to find a better patch of potholed mud to drive on -- it's a catastrophic accident waiting to happen.

What brainchild thinks of this approach as one that is effective and serves the citizens of the town of Townsend? Why does the Highway Department insist on making the road a hundred times worse, for weeks on end, before finally getting it together and making it better?

Disgusted with incompetence,