In five days, the people of Massachusetts will decide who their next U.S. senator will be. They will choose whether to support a former Navy SEAL and businessman Gabriel Gomez or a 37-year member of Congress that has voted to raise the debt ceiling 31 times and cannot name a single time he has opposed a tax increase.

To me, the choice is clear.

Elect the first Hispanic senator from Massachusetts who believes in government accountability or elect a career politician who was caught up in a major ethics investigation?

Vote for a Gabriel Gomez, a family man who has raised his three children in Cohasset and coaches Cohasset baseball or vote for someone who lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and who has sought campaign contributions from his fellow Maryland neighbors.

Vote for Gabriel Gomez who, after leaving the Navy, earned his MBA at Harvard and put his leadership skills to use in the private sector, who as a private equities investor has helped grow smaller, regional businesses into national, household names -- like apparel company Lululemon. Or vote for someone who's only private sector job was selling ice cream?

Gabriel Gomez has spent most of his life giving back to the country that gave him so much and has actively served to ensure our country's freedom.

On June 25, please join me at the polls and vote for Gabriel Gomez.