The North Middlesex Regional High School Building Committee would like to thank the members of our three communities, school administration, teachers and students who participated in the first phase of our High School Building Feasibility Study. Your suggestions and feedback, provided during our 40-plus Building Committee meetings, five Community Forums and three Visioning Sessions were critical in helping us make an informed decision in selecting a preferred solution to our High School infrastructure needs.

On June 13, 2013, the Building Committee recommended their preferred building solution to the Mass. School Building Authority (MSBA) -- a new construction option which is slightly smaller than the current building but satisfies the NEASC accreditation objectives and meets the educational needs of the students now and into the future. Following a favorable decision by the MSBA at their July 31, 2013, board meeting, the project will move into the Schematic Design Phase (Phase II of the Feasibility Study) where the project team will work to design the proposed building. After the Schematic Design is approved by the MSBA, the proposed project will be brought to town meetings in the spring of 2014 for approval of the voters.

Community Forums and Building Committee Meetings are planned throughout 2013 to ensure the public remains informed of the project and key milestone dates and has the opportunity to provide feedback. We look forward to your continued participation and feedback.


North Middlesex Regional High School

Building Committee, Townsend