Big Government Corruption is here and running wild. It is stealing your money, destroying your rights and leading us to serfdom.

Our bloated and corrupt government constantly spends more of our money, an average increase of 10-15 percent every year. Yet still that is not enough. They want to constantly raise taxes while cutting the funding to our town. They tax us more and give us less in return. The more you give government the more fraud, wasteful spending and abusive government you will get.

Just look at what is going on at the state level. We have had three State House speakers in a row convicted of crimes. We are spending millions on healthcare for illegal immigrants and limo rides for drug addicts. The total is actually over $100M just on those two items.

The latest case of gross incompetence is 1,000 EBT cards given to dead people. The Department of Transitional Assistance, which manages the EBT program, is refusing to turn over its records to the press and the Legislature. Why, you may ask? Because they don't want to answer to you -- despite the fact that 20,000 EBT cards are reported lost EVERY MONTH, with the taxpayer picking up 100 percent of the bill.

The Governor is ignoring this problem. He simple does not care that YOU are picking up the $1.8B tab for the welfare program and he wants to raise your taxes again.

Your money is being used for tattoos, porn, gambling, liquor and even funded the marathon terrorists.


But, there is no accountability whatsoever. Those on Beacon Hill demand you obey and give them your money while they do whatever they want. They have forgotten that they answer to us. The more money you give the government, the more you empower them. The same arrogance and corruption is prevalent in our federal government.

The IRS is targeting groups and individuals for audit that support limited government. Other agencies like the FBI, EPA and ATF have done audits and even raids on individuals and businesses that don't support a large abusive government.

The so-called Department of Justice has seized records from the Associated Press, Fox News and even indicted a reporter as a co-conspirator. The NSA is spying on all of us. Since 2008, they have listened to deployed soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan talking to their wives, girlfriends and bragged to ABC news about it. They are collecting all our phone calls, texts and emails. They say it's to protect us from terrorists but they missed the Boston bombing and the Fort Hood shooting. What about Benghazi? The NSA can track every American but what about the 11-20 million illegal immigrants that are here? I guess they can't be bothered.

This is just a small snapshot of the abuse you get with big government. Instead of providing services, government uses its power to subjugate its citizens. It cuts our funding, demands more taxes, and all the while taking away our rights in the process.

It's time to stop sending money to Beacon Hill and Washington. It is time to act. Call, write and email Governor Patrick, state Sen. Eldridge and state Rep Benson. Demand accountability now. Then do the same to President Obama, Sen. Warren and Rep. Tsongas.

If they refuse to fix the problem vote them out. If you chose to do nothing then you get what you deserve: Serfdom.