Congratulations to the Bromfield Acton-Boxborough rowers who achieved such remarkable results at the U.S. Rowing Youth National Championships! And thanks to the town of Harvard for all of your support for the rowing team.

For those who haven't heard yet, five young women from our community won the national championship in the Women's Youth 4+ event (4 rowers, 1 coxswain). They are the fastest crew at the high-school level in the country! This includes all public schools, private schools and club programs. A remarkable achievement and a tribute to their talent, determination and hard work.

The Bromfield AB Men's Youth 4+ achieved an impressive 9th place at nationals and the Women's Lightweight Women's Youth 4+ placed 12th. In all, 15 Bromfield A-B students (11 Bromfield, 4 A-B) qualified for the national championships -- to be one of the top 18 crews in the country in each event -- and all of the crews rowed splendidly.

These results would be remarkable for any major metropolitan area. But they were achieved here in Harvard on Bare Hill Pond. Ten years ago, Bare Hill Rowing Association was started by parents in town who wanted to provide a quality rowing experience for their kids. We maintain an inclusive no-cut policy for Bromfield students and new rowers are welcome from sixth to 12th grade.

Parents have been the backbone of the rowing program, volunteering hundreds of hours each season to make the program run and to provide memorable, character-building experiences for their children.


For 10 years, students have rowed on the pond and with strong town support the program has grown and prospered.

This remarkable achievement underscores what can be done when we all work together towards a common purpose. When talented students, dedicated parents, and a supportive community work as one, we can provide our kids with experiences they will never forget.

So thanks to everyone in the Harvard community who has supported this program and these young people. Come on down to the pond and join us! There are learn-to-row opportunities open to everyone. Adults too! And thanks to those who have already contributed so much! Rowing is the ultimate team sport.



Bromfield Acton-Boxborough Rowing

Bare Hill Rowing Association