The Williams Barn Committee would like to thanks everyone who made this year's field trip to the Williams Barn such a success. On June 3, 4 and 5, the third grade classes from Swallow Union and Florence Roche elementary schools attended the annual field trip to learn about the town's agricultural past.

Many thanks to all the third-grade teachers and to Marie Melican of the Groton Woman's Club for preparing the students through classroom studies and presentations and for organizing this well-loved educational event. Also, to Al Wyatt, a 12th generation Williams family member and the last to be born on the Williams Homestead, who talked about the history of the Williams family and their home for 340 years.

We would like to express our gratitude to the many farm-life interpreters from the Woman's Club who brought the mid-1800s to life. These dedicated volunteers include Marie Melican, who showed the students how to make their own butter; Peg Russell and Tracey Molaskey who taught the art of quilting; Andrea Burrier and Ellen Hargraves who introduced them to period toys and games; and to the our wonderful timekeepers, Carolyn Flanagan, Ingrid Belitsky, Cathy DiCicco and Nancy Halleran who kept everyone moving smoothly through the four stations.


Special thanks to the craftsmen who generously volunteered their time and talents: Leo Wyatt, a 13th generation Williams descendant, who showed how his ancestors made soap using a soapstone found during the restoration of the barn; Uwe Tobies of Groton, a specialist in traditional timber-framing for his demonstrations of antique post and beam construction and his explanations of the architecture of the 1840s barn; and Jonathan Snaith of Bridge and Snaith Carpentry and the Townsend Historical Society for giving the students an unforgettable hands-on experience with coopering.

The Williams Barn provides an opportunity for Groton-Dunstable residents to explore the town's agricultural heritage. For those who would like to support future activities, please join us for the Farmers Market, which begins on Friday, July 5, at the Williams Barn from 3-7 p.m.