It was interesting to read Dina Samfield's article about home funerals.

My sister passed away from breast cancer in 2006 at age 46. She lived in upstate New York. She and her husband were all about all-natural foods, the Earth and doing things I call "earthy-crunchy."

She is buried at Greensprings Cemetery ( in Newfield, N.Y. The requirement is that the casket be made of all natural materials, no metal hinges, locks or handles. Her casket was made by the Amish and made of cucumber wood and rope for handles. She is buried in a beautiful setting with a maple tree as her marker.

Prior to her passing, I thought that all bodies must be embalmed by law. I still thought that was the law in Massachusetts until I read this article. I don't like the idea of chemicals in my body, replacing who I am with artificial ingredients.

Thank you for sharing such an interesting article.