You and those like you are shameful in your attempts to destroy people's Second Amendment rights and in comparing the NRA to terrorists.

Your letter to the editor was completely devoid of fact and logic. So let me educate you and the rest of those who want to destroy the Bill of Rights.

First, your claim about banning "automatic war-type weapons": They are already banned. AR15s are not automatics, they are not assault rifles. They are semiautomatic rifles. They do not operate the same as an M4 or M16 assault rifle issued to infantry soldiers. (I know. I carried each of them in the Army.) They fire one round every time you pull the trigger, just like all semiautomatic handguns and revolvers.

You and the rest of the ignorant anti-gun crowd are judging a book by its cover. Your prejudice blinds you to the fact that an AR15 does not operate the same as an assault rifle.

Second, a "clip" is loaded into a magazine and the magazine is loaded into a firearm. A 30-round magazine is not a "high-capacity magazine" It is a standard-issue magazine for all AR15 sporting rifles.

It is ridiculous to think limiting law abiding citizens to 10 rounds in a magazine makes them safer. Studies by the Justice Department and the Center for Disease Control have already shown such limits do not reduce or prevent gun crimes. They just make it harder for citizens to defend themselves against criminals.


Despite Massachusetts' Draconian gun laws, the real terrorists (Tsarnaev brothers) got their firearms illegally! Just like legal gun owners like me keep telling you they will, but you refuse to listen. Banning guns or magazines or tracking gunpowder sales will not prevent murder just like banning pressure cookers, backpacks and household cleaning material will not prevent terrorism.

To blame the NRA, a freedom-fighting organization, and call its members a terrorist's best friend is shameful and dishonest.

The FBI was the one hampering its own investigation by the constant mistakes it made. The people you are relying on to protect us interviewed the terrorist prior to his attack. Then they had no idea who he was when they released his picture, even though they had interviewed him and had the information in their database.

The Senate bill was defeated by a bipartisan effort. Both Democrats and Republicans admitted it was a terrible bill that would not prevent another Sandy Hook or keep guns out of the hands of terrorists.

You do not get to override the checks and balances of our constitutional republic just because you want to destroy the Bill of Rights.

I am sure we could put more criminals in prison if we removed our Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights. After all, why do you need them if you did nothing wrong?

All of our rights matter! They are there to protect us against an abusive government. The Second Amendment affirms individual right to self-defense and the means to do so. The Second Amendment also ensures all the other rights enshrined in the Constitution are protected.

You do not have a right to prevent or impede a citizen's right to own, carry or purchase a firearm and equipment that goes with it. Your hatred for the Second Amendment blinds you to the facts. A 1995 study by Northwestern University has shown that armed citizens prevent 800,000 crimes a year.

Furthermore, a recent study by the Department of Justice shows all gun crimes are down by a minimum of 40 percent (some by 70 percent) from 1993-2011. The facts speak for themselves.

To try to use the murders at Newtown, Conn., and the terrorist attack in Boston to wipe out people's rights is the lowest form of exploitation.

FRANK DEVAN Proud member of the NRA