The Groton-Dunstable Athletic Booster Club would like to take this opportunity to thank all the student-athletes from GDRHS who participated in this year's Phonathon and, as well, all the residents of Groton and Dunstable who received their calls and responded with a generous pledge.

The Booster Club is an organization dedicated to supporting the development and enhancement of a comprehensive athletic program within the Groton-Dunstable school district, providing scholarships to senior student-athletes and additional funding for use by the Athletic Department over and above its allocated yearly budget.

Students gathered once again this year at the High School and at Middle School South, making calls to residents in both Groton and Dunstable during weekday evenings over the course of three weeks in March. Student-athletes and their coaches were given a specific night chosen for their team, and provided with a relaxed and comfortable environment, surrounded by their teammates. This, once again, proved to be very successful and was much appreciated by all students who participated. Many who may have initially felt a bit nervous in soliciting donations over the phone for the first time soon became very at ease talking with local residents and, as a result, very successful in their fundraising efforts.

With the continued impact of a very slow economy hitting hard with families within our two communities, we understand that it may be difficult or even impossible for some residents to contribute this year. During these difficult times, we welcome any and all gifts.


Clearly, the current state of the economy affects G-D's athletic budget as well, and thus your contribution, large or small, is appreciated again this year more than ever.

This year, our student-athletes raised more than $21,000 in pledges. The Booster Club is hopeful that all those who generously made a pledge during this year's Phonathon in March will be able to fulfill their outstanding pledges by June 30.

A good portion of the money raised each year during the Phonathon is used to fund scholarships, which provide financial aid to college-bound senior student-athletes. Last year, the Booster Club provided scholarship money by awarding 10 $500 scholarships, given on the basis of athletic participation, academic merit, personal and athletic development, and participation in Booster Club fundraising activities. In addition, two $1,000 scholarship awards are also provided each year in memory of two well-known and much-admired former student-athletes: Brian Kane and Peter Twomey.

This year, we are fortunate to be able to award 12 $500 scholarships to be distributed on Class Day, May 29, in addition to the two $1,000 Kane and Twomey scholarship awards.

In addition to the many scholarships, that are awarded, money has been used this year to fully fund or supplement the following purchases and services for the Athletic Department:

* Portable scoreboard

* Portable scorer's tables

* CPR/AED training for all coaches

* Boys lacrosse protective goalie equipment

* Hockey clinic

* Indoor practice facilities for spring coaches

* Grills for team cookouts

* Cross-country gate

* Field hockey nets and goalie equipment

* Golf club bags

* Volleyball system and installation

* Basketball coaches training workshops

* Cheerleading choreography

* MIAA State Championship trophies

* Motivational speakers for students and coaches

* Professional development workshops and coaches clinics

* Athletic team program sponsorship

Again, thank you to all participating student-athletes as well as residents of both our communities for making this year's Athletic Booster Club Phonathon such a success.

The Booster Club meets the first Wednesday of each month at the High School at 6:30 p.m. in the library. All Groton and Dunstable parents are encouraged to join and become involved.


GDABC fundraising chairman