It seemed like a long time before the April 30 election; not knowing who would win, who would replace whom. Each hoping that we would be the one elected. Then the day finally arrived.

Standing on Main Street from quarter of seven in the morning until eight o'clock that night, it became a party atmosphere, laughing and joking with each other. All of us were counting down the hours to go; first 11, then eight, six, three and down to the last hour.

At eight o'clock we packed up our signs, our chairs, food, table and trash. It looked as though we had not even been there all day, waving and smiling to all who passed by, some more than once.

Then the long wait for the votes to be counted. We all gathered in Town Hall just outside of Great Hall talking in whispered voices, all of us wondering how the election would turn out, hoping we were the one elected for our respective race.

Moderator Dan Swanfeldt called us in. He began by reading the primary election results, then worked his way up the town ballot. The uncontested races were no surprise. In those kinds of races, you just want to beat the blanks!

Then the treasurer and selectmen results were read. These results are all history now. I wish my opponents nothing but the best and good things to come.

At this time, I would like to thank all of my family and friends who stood out there with me for the entire day, including my sisters, who took time off from their busy workdays to support me.


But I would especially like to thank the voters of Ayer for having the confidence in me to continue to do my work for the town by re-electing me as treasurer. Your continued support means a lot to me.

I am committed to doing the best for our town. As a friend told me, "No matter what the past was, it's the future that we live in."

Thank you so much for re-electing me as your treasurer.