My name is Robyn Gintner and I am the daughter-in-law of Stephanie Gintner, who is the Ayer Town Treasurer. I am writing to you for two reasons. One to thank you for your fair treatment of Stephanie throughout the past year of her term as treasurer.

I also wanted to give your readers something else to think about. As many of them are aware, Stephanie has been in the spotlight in the Town Hall and not in a positive way. I won't get into the specifics because you are well aware of everything that has gone on as are your readers as well as the people within Town Hall who went after her with such fervor.

What I want to point out is how Stephanie handled herself throughout the legal proceedings and in her campaigning for re-election. While Stephanie was being attacked, both personally and professionally, in writing and on public television, she never once resorted to making negative comments.

When she had to go into Town Hall day after day and hold her head up while most of her co-workers bad-mouthed and gossiped about her, never once did she speak badly of anyone involved in this matter. Not even in the privacy of her own home.

While residents of Ayer received "junk mail" from opponents during the election process outlining all the things Stephanie allegedly did wrong as treasurer and how it will be fixed by someone else, Stephanie never said anything negative about her running mates and, in fact, wished them well.


People can say what they will about my mother-in-law, but I want the town to know that Stephanie Gintner conducted herself at all times with dignity, integrity and with a standard of morals and ideals that all of us should hold ourselves to in every aspect of our lives.

I want everyone to know that her entire family and her friends are very proud of her for showing us all that hard work and being a good person still means something in this world.